Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Essential characteristics of modern communication tools

Essential characteristics of modern communication tools.

  • Encryption
    • We want all our communication to be encrypted end to end and that nobody but ourselves should possess the encryption keys.
  • Metadata
    • We want to control who knows anything about our communication, whether we authored it or it was addressed to us.
  • Retention
    • We want the right to retain or dispose of our stuff as we please.
  • Backup
    • We want to be able to backup and archive our conversations.
  • Data portability
    • We expect to be able to transport our stuff from one platform to another.
  • Large scale
    • We want to scale our conversations up to any number of specific persons or to the public generally.
  • Public entry points to chat rooms
    • We want to easily invite others to join our conversations.
  • Throttling and Muting
    • We want to control the ability of others to communicate with us based on our private sense of context and relationship.
  • Browser
    • We want to communicate using a browser
  • Attachments
    • We want to be able to 'attach' files and documents of any description as remote links.
  • Collaborative editing
    • We want to share documents remotely, for viewing, listening and editing.
  • Rich text
    • We want to format text as rich text
  • Liking
    • We want to be able to "like" the instant messages of others.
  • Emoticons
    • We want ways to abbreviate our text communication.
  • Real Time.
    • We want real time communication;  text, voice and video.
  • Messaging
    • We also want messaging (delayed delivery); text, voice and video.
  • Extensions via API
    • We want developers to show us new ways of using our communication tools.
(Hat tip to Phil Wolf)


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