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Introducing CkipeMail

Skype-Email Gateway now in late development (not yet available).    

  • Skype users can send email to anyone
  • Email users can reply to those Skype users
Pre-Release Details:
CkipeMail is totally free. There is no software to download.  Signup is automatic when you establish contact with an Aaytch robot (click the above button "Register for CkipeMail" and request Skype contact). To send a CkipeMail message, simply include on separate lines in Skype: 
  • To: [one or more email addresses]
  • Subject: [some text]  
Your Skype message therefore might look like this:
Hi John,
I'm writing you to tell you about CkipeMail, for messaging betwen Skype and email.  By sending you this message, I am authorizing you to reply to me through CkipeMail, the Skype-Email gateway.  I hope this will help us to stay in touch.  Thanks, Sam
Subject: better communication
Privacy Features  
  • CkipeMail terms of use for sending messages prohibit "spam."  The CkipeMail user must agree to use CkipeMail only for personal communication, and to not send CkipeMail messages that recipients might consider as uninvited. Violaters will be terminated.
  • CkipeMail will not produce incoming spam because incoming email is rejected unless the sender's email address is pre-approved by the CkipeMail user. Authorize an email address by sending someone an email. CkipeMail users can get a list of their current address approvals by sending the Aaytch robot this Skype message:"#approvals" (without quote marks). CkipeMail users can remove any email address from their approvals list by sending the Aaytch robot this Skype message:  "#kick thisaddress(without quote marks).
  • Aaytch does not read the content of passing messages, and they are not stored on Aaytch's servers at any time.

About CkipeMail... in no particular order

  • CkipeMail is one of several related services planned by the Aaytch robots.
  • CkipeMail is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved by Skype.
  • Ckipemail for Skype's group chats is under development.